1. Rush Midnight - Closer

    Closer is the new track from Rush Midnight aka Russ Manning from Brooklyn. Russ played with Twin Shadow before. His upcoming debut record will be out May 27 on Last Gang Records. Enjoy the track below and the video to Closer, too.

    Rush Midnight on facebook


  2. All We Are - Feel Safe

    Rich, Guro and Luis aka All We Are are back with a fantastic new song Feel Safe. Enjoy the video directed by Pedro Martín-Calero. The trio from Liverpool create their own new style between Bee Gees and Metronomy

    All We Are on facebook


  3. Treefight For Sunlight - Somewhere in the Future

    Well, there is so much good music from Denmark, and Treefight For Sunlight is the next. We introduced the new track Come Closer some time ago, now they give a new taste from their forthcoming album Pizza. Electroclash, weird Funk or New Wave. There is a lot Oh No Ono in Treefight For Sunlight. Check their wonderful new track Somewhere In The Future out below. 

    Treefight For Sunlight on facebook


  4. Waitress - Young In Mind

    Waitress is a brand new half swedish, half danish band with fresh pop music. Young In Mind is indie-pop similar to Phoenix and MGMT. The EP will come in summer 2014Check out the video to Young In Mind. 

    Waitress on facebook


  5. Goldie Chorus - Marble Ocean

    Emil Davidsen aka Goldie Chorus from Copenhagen unveiled his new track Marble Ocean from his forthcoming EP. We introduced him a while ago with Monsters, the track is also on our first compilation featured, downloadable here. Goldie Chorus stands for weird and great synth-pop, always with an 80’s twist. Listen to Marble Ocean below.

    Goldie Chorus on facebook


  6. Talos - Tethered Bones

    Talos is the 26 year old Eoin French. Three weeks ago his debut track Tethered Bones was dropped. Feel Good Lost shows us now the pictures for this cinematic music. Talos is a really exciting newcomer and choice, if you like James Blake or SOHN.

    Talos on facebook


  7. Autumn - Ghost

    Jay Kane and Thomas Hobbs are Autumn. Autumn is a new band from Brisbane, Australia. They dropped their debut song Ghost. The sound of Autumn reminds a bit to London Grammar. A new exciting new band for 2014 is born.

    Autumn on facebook